The wait

In the infertility and trying to conceive community, we are all VERY familiar with waiting. Some might think it would get easier the longer we go through this, but that is nowhere near the truth! I actually think it gets more difficult with each passing cycle. When we first started trying to conceive there was the waiting for the fertile period, then there was the dreaded two week wait. Then the process would start all over. Doing that month after month (after month😅) can definitely take its toll on a person! 

Now that we’re doing fertility treatments the waiting is a little bit easier because I feel like we’re making progress and I just have more hope. This forced break cycle has been no fun at all though! I swear more than half the time I wish I had a fast forward button to get past all the dang waiting. I am such an impatient person. Once AF starts I’ll be starting the pre IVF birth control and I am so excited just for that small step. By the way, how ironic is it that the very first time I’ll be on birth control is when I’m trying to get pregnant?! I didn’t have much hope for the IUIs, but I really feel like IVF will work for us. I can’t wait to be pregnant with our baby and I’ll do anything to help make it happen. ❤️


From the beginning…

Hi everyone! I’m Cindy, my husband is Jordan, and this is our infertility journey! Jordan is in the army, and since we’ve been married I’ve always planned to be a stay at home mom (we all see how well that worked out, right?). I’ll start from the beginning to get everyone caught up to what is happening now. We got married on April 19, 2014. We both immediately wanted to add to our family, so we started trying to conceive right after our wedding. We were able to try in May and June, but he had to deploy at the end of June. He ended up leaving on the 30th of that month, so trying to conceive was put on hold. He got back in December of 2014, and we started trying right away again. We are currently on our 16th cycle of trying to conceive, not counting the first 2 months because the doctor doesn’t.

About 6 months in, I started getting nervous. I scheduled an appointment with my primary care provider but she assured me that everything was fine. A few months later, there was still no pregnancy so I scheduled another appointment. At this point we were close to the 1 year mark, so my doctor told me that if I wasn’t pregnant by November (2015), she wanted me to come back in. Well low and behold, November rolls around and still no pregnancy! At this point my doctor FINALLY referred me to a fertility specialist.

At my first appointment with the RE, we went over the basic information so they could learn more about what was going on. My husband was to get a semen analysis, and I got blood drawn and was told to call and schedule an appointment for an HSG. I was so happy to finally feel like we would get some answers and were closer to our baby! The HSG came back fine, and so did Jordan’s semen analysis. So no real answers at that point. At my next appointment, my doctor said that from what I told them about some of my cycles that I could possibly have a mild anovulatory dysfunction. According to my doctor, my diagnosis at that point was either unexplained infertility or mild anovulatory dysfunction. I got started on clomid 50mg and was completely positive that it would work! We even decided to go ahead and do IUI with the clomid to increase the chances, so we were really excited and hopeful. Fast forward to our first IUI day on March 19, 2016. While I was in the back, my husband was still in the waiting room. Right before the doctor walked in I had texted him and said, “It’s going to work!”. Well, that hope got shot right in the face! The doctor walked in the room and explained to me that the sperm count post wash was extremely low at only 200,000. He said that our chances were less than 1 or 2%. They went and got Jordan from the waiting room because we were going to have to decide if we still wanted to do the IUI or not with such low chances. By the time Jordan got to the room I was bawling. We decided to go ahead and do it, because doing the IUI atleast increased the chances a little more than if we were to try alone. That was such a traumatic day for us, it almost felt like I was in a sad movie! We just weren’t prepared for that because his semen analysis came back normal. The results of that IUI were of course negative.

One of the things the doctor told me that day was that if his sperm count was consistently that low we would have to do IVF. Well, the impatient person that I am, decided then and there that the next thing we were doing WOULD be IVF. I told myself that I couldn’t go through another IUI for it to end like that. I emailed my doctor and told them I wanted to schedule an appointment to talk about my treatment plan and explained to them what happened (my clinic isn’t set up to do the actual IUI procedure, so we have to travel to another clinic). I went to that appointment, and my doctor told me that since Jordan’s original semen analysis was normal that he thought it was just a fluke and that we should try another IUI. I very reluctantly agreed to try just one more. I did clomid 100 mg, on cycle days 3-7. On April 19th we went to do our second IUI (on our 2 year anniversary!). I keep telling myself that those 2’s must mean that it’s going to work! We were both so nervous about the sperm count, but were trying to stay positive. The doctor came in and said that the sperm count was much better at 4 million post wash! We were both so happy to know that we actually have a chance this time. Since I am a very impatient person and a planner, I already had our IVF consult appointment set up for two days after the IUI. He said that from the sperm counts now, our diagnosis is mild male factor infertility.

My husband is currently in California for army training for a month, so May will have to be a month off if the IUI doesn’t work. If it doesn’t, IVF process will start in June. The hope for this IUI to work is still very strong though, test day is on May 2nd. I’ve got fingers, toes, and everything else crossed that it works! 🙂